Life is for Living...
by Sensei Andy Dominey on October 31st, 2010

As a good friend of mine once said 'There is no shame in failing, but there will always be questions if you do not try'. Why is it we seem so enamored with the concept of winning and losing? What is it that makes these words mean so much....they are only words. Why is it 'winning' is considered an achievement whilst 'losing' means you are somehow worse off for having tried? This belief makes us scared of losing, sometimes to the point where we don't even try for fear of falling on our faces.

As martial artists, we've all done it. Wanting to win so badly, training hard, preparing, building ourselves up only to fail miserably. What hurts the most is what other people might think of us. Am I right? I know I've been there, so desperate to prove myself, to show everyone how much I've learned. Truth is, I hadn't learned very much at all, least of all that it's ok to lose.

Life, love, martial arts. They are all one and the same and they all teach us something. They teach us to be happy for who we are. They teach us that shit happens and that it's ok to cry sometimes. Most importantly they teach us that it's just as important to fail as it is to succeed. In fact, scratch that, it's MORE important to fail than to succeed. Success is measured by a degree of failure. How can one taste the glory of success without having felt the pain of defeat? This is something that I am beginning to understand and I'm hopeful that if just one person reads these thoughts and is inspired to take a risk, succeed or fail, everyone is ultimately a winner.

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