Andy Dominey Sensei - Senior Instructor

​Dominey Sensei has been studying Gōjū-ryū Karate for over 19 years, the majority of which spent under the guidance of David Morris Sensei of the Kyudokan. During his time in Gōjū-ryū, Dominey Sensei has been fortunate enough to visit and study in Japan with Yonemoto Sensei of the Seibukan.

Dominey Sensei received his Yondan (4th Dan) rank Gōjū-ryū from David Morris Sensei of the Kyudokan, in February 2016.  In addition to Gōjū-ryū, Dominey Sensei is a student of Kōdōkan Judo and Japanese Jujitsu under Frank Shaw Sensei in New York.

Dominey Sensei represents the Kyudokan in America and teaches in Midtown Manhattan.

Ivan Nahem Sempai - Assistant Instructor

Ivan Nahem first studied at Seido Karate, achieving 6th Kyū, 1992-1993. He returned to karate while living in Ireland in 2009, and trained to 8th Kyū in the Shōrin-ryū club headed by Patrick Beaumont Sensei in Athlone.
Returning to New York City, he began training in Gōjū-ryū with Andy Dominey Sensei in 2010, and was graded to Shodan (1st Dan) in December 2015.

He has been working as a yoga teacher since 2007, and writes essays as well. He lives with his wife; also a student of Dominey Sensei, in Queens, New York City.
“It’s not what you see, it’s the eyes that you see with...’’
Sensei David Morris